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Winter Wise Women's Group in Haiku

For more information about the Winter Wise Women's Group at Christine's One Spirit Center in Haiku, please click here.

"Having friends who look at you as a true living breathing entity, human but magical as well... who support the creatress in you... these are the people you are looking for. They will be the friends of your soul for life. Mindful choosing of friends and lovers, not to mention teachers, is critical for remaining in charge of the fiery light that sees and knows."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Jungian Teacher/Writer,
Women Who Run With the Wolves

Groups meet one evening a week for 8 weeks at Christine's Studio in Haiku, blending short meditations, inspired poetry, deep spiritual teachings, group guided experiences, ceremony and ritual and wonderful group sharings. the atmosphere in Christine's groups offers a beautiful environment of joy, depth, and creative inner exploration. Meet new friends, transform your life, have fun and be touched in a joyful group of other conscious women standing fully in our power, presence and love.

To receive a flyer with information and details once firm, please email Christine.

Teaching at Kripalu, Esalen, Omega and in many other settings, Christine has taught and mentored thousands of women in over 35 years in practice as a counselor, mentor and workshop leader. Each week is a mini-workshop with a theme, including teachings, creative group experiences, ritual, art making, rich sharing and soulful connection. Christine's workshops are known for their atmosphere of deep safety, respect and love, inspiring teachings and facilitation and moving circles of transformation.

Weekly Themes may include:

~Spiritual Power and Self Worth: Knowing who you are and standing in your worth as a woman and soul.

~Speaking in Your True Voice: Telling Your Truth authentically and with grace and clarity.

~Creating Conscious Relationships: Powerful Visioning and clarifying the relationships you seek, and learning powerful Metaphysical and Quantum Physics Laws to manifest the love you want.

~Women and Creativity: Art making, dance, writing and song as potent vehicles for your Soul.

~Women In the Woods: A session in nature to attune to Spirit, vision and share ritual and ceremony.

~Dinner Celebration and Completion: A creative, celebratory final evening of performance, presentations and possibilities as we celebrate all we have learned.