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Christine Warren
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"Christine and I have been working together by phone in her private practice. It is obvious that Christine has walked the walk, spending a lifetime developing herself and guiding others. She has a way of "being" that I used as a beacon to keep moving forward in a difficult time. I was suffering deeply with a wide range of disturbing feelings and thoughts and Christine helped me navigate through them. I have had much therapy over the years but Christine was different. She not only accepted me - she honored me, my humanity and my growing spirituality. She guided me through this maze and my healing has been deep and profound. I am so grateful."
-H.G., Executive Coach, Greenwich, CT

Santa Fe Life Coach:

As a professional life coach and conscious counselor, Christine works by phone with national clients and in person with Santa Fe clients and visitors doing transformational coaching. Christine's background in spiritual development informs her session work with metaphysical tools and spiritual insights into the human journey. Her extensive background (see About Christine Warren) as Director of two successful Corporate Leadership Training Companies ground her work in strategic skills, action planning, and solid change and movement.

"...a gifted, masterful facilitator... Christine's work is unique among coaches and trainers. It is the result of a lifetime of experience that is engrained deeply in who she is."
-David Hagerty, Vice President/Leadership Trainer,
Blessing White Consulting and Training, Boston, MA

Whether you work with Christine in person or by phone, you progress positively in your personal growth, spiritual development and professional vision. Her active practice as a professional life coach with clients throughout the U.S. helps them break through limitations and find new energy, direction, and answers for important life questions. Inspirational handouts, inner growth homework, and ongoing follow-up are part of Christine's transformational life coaching practice.

"Many years ago I signed up for a workshop with Christine Warren. Life has never been the same! Over the years, I have returned again and again for 'a drink at her well'. She is an exceptional and masterful teacher and empathic guide. Christine walks her talk. She creates safe containers for vulnerability, trust and truth to exist as one."
-Lisanne Scafine, Major Motion Picture Set Stylist, San Francisco

Conscious Counseling and Life Coaching Package, in Santa Fe or by phone:

A package of six sessions is available at a reduced fee for those wishing to make deep progress in a focused amount of time. Contact Christine for details.

"Christine, you are a coach of coaches. Thank you for lovingly challenging me, giving me amazing reminders and your valuable wisdom, listening to me, encouraging me, holding space for me, cheering me on, and through every minute loving me."
-Nicole Ervin, Life Coach and Founder, Live Life Realized, El Dorado Hills, CA

"Thank you, Christine, for your time, energy and presence during our coaching sessions. I have gained great self knowledge and peace from my work with you. I have made great shifts in my life. This woman is going to set out and start living more fully! Thanks for the inspiration and support - I have such gratitude."
-Maureen M., Educator, Boston, MA


Christine's private sessions as a professional life coach and counselor embody many decades of professional work and a lifetime of personal commitment to inner transformation, both in spiritual development, personal growth, and professional and leadership excellence. Her presence in sessions embodies decades of experience as a mentor, personal growth counselor and teacher for thousands of individuals.

Christine's executive consulting background with corporate leaders and her leadership of hundreds of transformational workshops throughout the country, facilitating life vision, change and spiritual growth, enrich your session work.

A Visionary, Positive Approach:

In Christine's sessions as a professional life coach, you clarify your Being Vision—the inner state you wish to embody—followed by your Doing Vision—the outer life you want to manifest. You gain both pragmatic and spiritual development/metaphysical skills in actualizing your most deeply held life vision, working from the inside out—from the heart, thought and intention, to their resonance in your outer life.

"Working with Christine has been the most useful coaching/consulting/mentoring relationship I have had with a professional in my life."
-James Michael Nolan, Ph.D., President, Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

Christine's Credo:

You are the architect of your life. Life is not happening to you, but through your choices, thoughts, and intentions. You are in charge, connected at the Source to the abundance and love of the Universe. As you clarify your life vision, change your intentions and thoughts and clear your channels through grounded human healing work balanced with meaningful spiritual development practices, your outer life shifts in resonance.

Love is the healing force of the Universe. I believe in the limitless potential for well-being and wholeness in the soul of every person, regardless of their current challenges and circumstances. The facilitative presence of a teacher or mentor's compassionate, visionary consciousness and belief in the highest potential in each person, balanced with mature experience in facilitating the challenges and trials of being human, can catalyze true healing and positive change for a client.

"My work is loving the world."

-Mary Oliver